Ricardo Villavicencio explores the ambiguity of perception through painting, photography, and mixed media. Often working in series, his work focuses on changing the context of subjects through unexpected juxtaposition.

These new contexts reveal new interpretations that leave the viewer with a mix of highly individualized and often conflicting thoughts and feelings.

Often his images demand a second, if not third, glance before fully comprehending the parts that make up the whole.


When working with still life, portraiture, or representative work, Villavicencio infuses his studies with recontextualization of the subject lending an unfamiliar sense of reality.

Ricardo’s work in assemblage through the approach of mixed media allows him to break through common perceptions. In his abstraction, automatism is the key element for investigating relationships between form, color, and space.

Group exhibitions include: Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, Louisville; Caraffa Fine Arts Museum, Córdoba, Argentina; Museum of the Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile
He lives and works in NYC